Get your scarf out!

Halloween approaches, scarves are out and runny noses are back! At the clinic, the troops are in good health and projects are here too. With a lot of pride, here is a selection of the most beautiful projects of back to school time...

This month: we reveal you finally the work of Adam for PepsiCo Challenge in China, Silke illustrates a series of ads for Glenfiddich, the lawyer firm Norton Rose Fulbright chose Steve as their 25th anniversary, Benoît participates at Heavy Montréal festival, Zigor is questioned for the Creative Capsule, Ëlodie, Stéphanie, Dima and Nicole present us their last projects. Download and share the wallpaper " Pollo Pepe " signed Oscar Llorens.

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Silke Werzinger / Glenfiddich / UK

Silke worked with the agency Purple Creative to create a series of ads for Glenfiddich, the famous Scotch whisky. She created a variety of illustrated elements for the new products IPA Experiment and Project XX.

Adam James / PepsiCo Challenge / China

Adam illustrated 2 cans Pepsi for PepsiCo Challenge. The idea was to create a leading experience with the Chinese youth. These illustrations are intended to incite the young people to challenge, to do more, and to follow the spirit " Live for Now ".

Ëlodie / All is about poetry...

Ëlodie continues to seduce us by her magnificent illustrations filled with poetry. Pastel colors, from contour lines; she presents us her version of Chanel N°5, brings us on the quais de Seine passing by the Eiffel Tower and other Parisian monuments.

Benoit Tardif / McDo, Air Le Mag + Ricardo cooking magazine

Benoit made a series of llustrations for the article The « sorry syndrome », you know? of the magazine Air le Mag and illustrates the chronic "mouth to EAR" of Ricardo magazine, which like the Clinic, celebrates its 15 years this year!

Stephanie F. Scholz / Editorial projects

Very popular in Germany, her native country, Stéphanie, whose technique is mixed with vectorial elements and with cut papers, presents us her last projects. The first one illustrates the article how the immigration and the architecture can influence each other for Jetzt Magazin. Then, a series done for Die Zeit magazine, on philosophic, psychological and scientific subjects. And finally, Luna magazine about family and Christmas preparations.

Wallpaper to share and download

Oscar Llorens illustrates the wallpaper for Halloween which is entitled "Pollo Pepe"! Do not hesitate to share it and to spread the work of Oscar. Version desktop / Version iPhone / Version iPad

Anne Cresci / Coloring book

Last year, PlayBac éditions appealed to Anne Cresci for the book: Photos et Coloriages du Monde Géo. This year, a new track had been thrown on the wisdom and the anti-stress. Unfortunately, the project failed along the way. But we really want to show you a preview.

Dima Godunov / Researches on the theme of the couple

In his last personal researches, Dima dealt with the theme of the relations between men and women. Sometimes, there are difficult, often delicious, but never boring times.

Nicole Jarecz / Chic & fashion!

Always in her fashion world, Nicole Jarecz continues her researches for style and for technique. Concerning silhouettes above, she has worked the watercolor, the line and the transparency. To see other of her researches see her portfolio.

Zigor Samaniego / CREATIVE CAPSULE

Here's our third CREATIVE CAPSULE, nouveauté mise en place cet été. This month, we invite you to meet Zigor Samaniego, spanish artist living in Vitoria-Gasteiz who specializes in 3D. Enjoy this novelty, and don't hesitate to share this around you to make her work known.

Describe your creative lab in a few words?
I like to mix real, unreal and absurd stuffs. With these mixtures I always obtain something entertaining.

In two sentences, how would you describe your work technique? 
I am using old techniques for project preparation, but then to model it I use  modern technology such as programs for  digital scupt and new generation renders.

What is the project of which you are most proud of?
The project I am the most proud of is one for American express. For the completion of that project I worked with Ogilvy Agency which is the biggest enterprise I have work with.

What are your favourite colors to create?
I like to use worm colours such as pink and violet.

Why did you become an artist?
Since I was a child have it inside of me, but over time I have learn to have profit of it. Nowadays  art is my job and hobby

In four words, how would you describe your style of illustration?
Suppose my style can be described as crazy a bit but funny for illustration.

What is the project of your dreams?
I would like to make an intro for Nickelodeon, it is my dream as an illustrator.

What does a typical day in the life of Zigor looks like?
I wake up at 7 am . First what I do in the mornings is a " the liter" , which is a big jar of coffee for a whole day.
While having a coffee I am reading my mails and answering to the clients questions that are subscribed to my course of lettering.

After 8 I start to work, listening music and trying to be concentrated without any distractions. If I really like the some project,  I am able to don't  move from 8-14 from the computer and being in some state of trance.

After the lunch break  I am finishing  the projects and sending the progresses to the clients, so they can give me the feedback the same day.

Usually I finish at 17 but very often I the afternoons I am trying new things, for instance learning to use new software which I consider interesting for my job.

What inspires you?
Video games and cartoons.

What is your favourite blog or website?
For illustrations:
For fun: (in spanish)

David Despau / ELLE Quebec

ELLE Quebec recently mandated David Despau to illustrate the portrait of the acting editor in chief of the magazine! You'll find this beautiful portrait in the October 2016 issue of the magazine.

Benoit Tardif / Heavy Montreal festival 2016 / Montreal

Rocker at heart? Benoit Tardif manages to impress with its straightforward style, as shown in his creations for the Heavy Montreal Festival of 2016. You'll find his animated illustrations in a promotionnal video of various festivals of the greater Montreal area presented by Loto Quebec.

Kelly Schykulski / The Positive Side Magazine

Kelly Schykulski offers, for the fall issue of The Positive Side magazine, a series of sweet pictures that deals with a sensitive subject: HIV today.

Benoit Tardif / The New York Times magazine

Benoit Tardif has once again been chosen to illustrate an article in the New York Times. The article is an OP-ED (OPposite of the EDitorial page), which analyzes the precarious situation of the Left Party in the US. It expresses the views of a person - the author - who doesn't usually maintain links with the newspaper's editorial board.

Damien Vignaux / The Salvation Army / France

Damien created the cover of the annual report of The Salvation Army. 

Aaron McConomy / Botanical garden of Montreal / Quatre-Temps Review

Aaron McConomy was chosen to illustrate the four 2016/2017 editions of the magazine Ember Days; the popular science magazine in botany and horticulture published by the Friends of the Montreal Botanical Garden for over 30 years.

Pablo Pasadas / EISTI / France

Pablo designed an illustrated photomontage for the cover of EISTI's brochure; International School of Information processing sciences.

The Colagene experience according to our clients

Working with Colagene's team is like riding a rainbow barechested on a unicorn: Wonderful. Point. (Fast as well, and beautiful!) Thanks to the illustrators Kelly Schykulski, Aaron McConomy, David Despau, Katrinn Pelletier and Anne Cresci for their rapid and precise work, as well as to Valérie Deland, project manager of a unexpected efficacity.
Shawn Duriez and Renaud Gouin, co-founders, Jukebox and Avant-Garde breweries