Dima Godunov / Researches on the theme of the couple

In his last personal researches, Dima dealt with the theme of the relations between men and women. Sometimes, there are difficult, often delicious, but never boring times.

Dima Godunov / Paris 2024 + personal researches

Dima was recently approached to take part in an important competition for the candidacy of Paris, for the Summer Olympics of 2024.

Dima Godunov / Order of Architects of Quebec / Esquisses magazine

In one of his first projects with the Clinic, Dima Godunov illustrates the cover and an article of the Esquisses magazine of the Order of Architects of Quebec

Dima Godunov / New illustrator

We welcome our first Russian illustrator! Dima thinks that to be designer means to be able to take every new project as a challenge, and he loves it! He always tries to do his best and to find unusual ways to resolve problems. He didn't graduate from any art school, but his experience in design is as good as it can be. He’s passionate about art, snow, and making people smile.