Katrinn Pelletier / Sephora Event for Philosophy Canada / Quebec city

What a beautiful event that took place last weekend at Sephora in Quebec city. Katrinn Pelletier personalized Philosophy tote bags for 35 lucky customers, so they can show them on the beaches this summer.

Katrinn Pelletier / Twist Festival / Quebec

The main image of the Festival Twist, the Quebec knitting and fiber festival, was confided to Katrinn Pelletier for the 2017 edition. The release of this picture had an enormous craze this week on Katrinn’s page, generating more than 12 500 views. Just below, she presents us her new vintage series which she named: my Florists. Her illustrations, a bit surrealist with feminine characters and oversized flower bouquets, put forward the beauty of the physical diversity of women.

Katrinn Pelletier / Coil, Knitting and more...

Here is one of the last projects made by Katrinn with her new style. Bobinette Tricot they are products hand-made, wool of Merino dyed hand-made, unique piece and colored every time. The initial idea was that Bobinette Tricot is a little the black sheep in the field of the wool, with its unique pieces made in Province of Quebec and and Quebec city. And discover two aquerelles with colors of spring which could inspire you for packaging projects!

Katrinn Pelletier / New style and hand drawing technique

For a few months, Katrinn has been working on a new style and exploring new hand drawing techniques. Today, she presents us a part of her novelties and explains them here:

"I missed the contact with the material. I needed to lose control a bit, get caught by a burr, too much water and play with the material. What a pleasure to mix together the different mediums, such as watercolor, colored pencil and graphite directly on fabriano paper and see the reaction of the support... Pure happiness, without counting all the meditative side that there is in this technique. I found the small 5 years old Katrinn.

To begin with, I present a dozen of playful, dreamlike and poetic illustrations. 

Presently in Quebec, and particularly in Quebec city, we're in the middle of winter. The end of year celebrations are behind us. There is a cocooning atmosphere. We feel the need to warm up. I had fun exploring the themes of winter, comfort, the need to wrap ourselves up in big and warm woollen garments. Also, I wanted to juxtapose the nature of Northen Quebec and the North Coast and its conifers. And finally, our brave small birds from Quebec which spend the hard winter with us, which I imagined wrapped with comforting and playful woollen. 

I now dive into a more colorful universe in anticipation of spring which will eventually show up at our door within a few months. I intend to express my passion of gardening and also cooking by beautiful floral, greedy and colorful illustrations. We can see the beginning in the study of Miss Dior perfume and the illustration of the Hummingbird with Hibiscus.

So, I hope that will please you, already my birds had a proud success!"

Katrinn Pelletier / Wallpaper to share and download

Katrinn Pelletier illustrates the wall paper of this month, which is entitled "Birds of Quebec", made with colored pencils and watercolor on fabriano paper! You can now buy and offer for Christmas the work of Katrinn on Etsy.  Discover the rest of her new work in January, and don't hesitate to share and make known Katrinn's work. Version desktop / Version smartphone / Version tablet

Katrinn Pelletier / CosmétiqueMag magazine

Katrinn Pelletier's illustrations for the Pleasure and shower care file of the CosmétiqueMag magazine.

Katrinn Pelletier / Summer research

Spring takes time to officially settle down in Quebec. Katrinn, impatient, enjoyed seeing life in green and to explore tropical and floral subjects around fashion and beauty.

Katrinn Pelletier / Reader's Digest / Editor's Choice

"Few of us avoid life-changing moments". Here's the heart of this inspiring and moving story, published in the last edition of Reader's Digest, illustrated by the talented Katrinn Pelletier

Katrinn Pelletier / L'Oréal / La Roche-Posay Canada / Montreal

Illustrations signed Katrinn Pelletier for the 40th anniversary of the cosmetic brand La Roche-Posay. Katrinn was requested by Orange Tango agency to create a main illustration including the water drop from the logo of the brand. Some portraits of dermatologists and of a family were also illustrated as testimonies for the promotion of skin care products. Katrinn's illustrations were used on several promotional tools (as a beautiful water bottle) distributed this Summer via the 30 day moisturization challenge contest and also promotional events gathering skin care professionals.

Katrinn Pelletier / Summer production / Quebec, Canada

It's rainning in Quebec city so Katrinn is taking the opportunity to create new summer illustrations hoping that it will bring the sun back.

Katrinn Pelletier / Reader's Digest Magazine / Montreal

Here is a very sensitive and beautiful series of illustrations by Katrinn Pelletier for an article about the story of a man, Dan Rubinstein, who accepted to change his life to make it better after a serious knee injury. The article titled Gone strolling is published in the April issue of Reader’s Digest magazine.

Katrinn Pelletier / Alouette Aluminum plant / Montreal

Katrinn Pelletier was requested to create the cover of Alouette aluminium plant‘s annual sustainability report 2013. This latest report presents the company’s results and challenges in 2013. Alouette is a company from Quebec province that is committed itself to be a responsible employer and corporative citizen.

Katrinn Pelletier / Pure Magazine / Montreal

Katrinn Pelletier drew with elegance and femininity an article about some cases of breast cancer affecting young women (20-30 years old), for the September issue of the french version of English Canada Glow magazine.

Katrinn Pelletier / Marie-Claire China magazine / Pékin

In China, the young women discover this month a pastel colored scene, created by Katrinn Pelletier, inspired by the famous and delicious macaroons for a display set of a series of beauty products 

Katrinn Pelletier / Book covers / Random House

Katrinn illustrated two book covers, The Perfect Match and A French Affair, by the famous author Katie Fforde, published by Random House. A third cover is coming soon. We talk about Katrinn on Katie Fforde's blog.

Katrinn Pelletier / Coup de Pouce Magazine / Montreal

Katrinn Pelletier illustrated the Health package in the very last issue of Coup de Pouce Magazine. On the menu: hunger management and the correlation between stressed parents and obese children.


Katrinn Pelletier / Personal research / Quebec

Katrinn introduces her very nice  winter-themed illustrations which, hopefully, will inspire you for your christmas related articles or campaigns.

Katrinn Pelletier / Reader's Digest Magazine / Montreal

Discover this charming Christmas story illustrated by Katrinn Pelletier for the December issue of Reader's Digest Magazine.

Katrinn Pelletier / Pure Magazine / Montreal

Katrinn Pelletier keeps on illustrating for Pure Magazine. This time, the article is about the story of a woman from Quebec who had experimented two unsucessful attempts from In vitro fertilization.

Katrinn Pelletier / Immense Magazine - YQB Media / Quebec

Let's go to Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean in the Province of Quebec with Immense magazine published by YQB Media. Katrinn Pelletier drew a series of colorful illustrations including maps of the area suggesting different routes and activities to enjoy our summer holiday.

Katrinn Pelletier / Best Health Magazine / Toronto

Katrinn Pelletier had the challenge to create illustrations of summer scenes incorporating real products pictures for the column on beachwear published in the Best Health Magazine.

Katrinn Pelletier / Quebec Science Magazine / Montreal

After the map of Florida, it is now the turn of the North of Quebec's map that Katrinn Pelletier illustrated for the very last issue of the Quebec Science Magazine. This publication is especially about this huge area where are living mostly native people and which is also coveted for its natural resources.

Katrinn Pelletier / Springtime personal work / Québec

Katrinn Pelletier, illustrator from Quebec City, was looking forward to the arrival of springtime. In order to renew her portfolio, she unveils 3 new illustrations on the theme of Spring fashion colors with accents of Native Americans trend. To see or rediscover her portfolio, click here.

Katrinn Pelletier / Historia channel / Reine du Foyer TV show / Montreal

On January 28th, in the Province of Quebec was published in La Presse, 24H and Le Soleil newspapers, the ad for the very new TV show Reine du Foyer (Queen of the household) broadcasted by Historia channel. Katrinn Pelletier was chosen by DentsuBos to illustrate a printed advertising concept created by the agency. She was commissioned to draw in a modern style, a retro multi-tasking woman in charge of household duties in the first place and the ad's titles in second place. The TV show is a documentary made as a TV series about the evolution of women's status at home in the Province of Quebec from the 50's to the end of the very last century.

Katrinn Pelletier / Uni-éditions / Paris

Katrinn Pelletier created 4 illustrations for the article : “Hospital: How it works” of "I like Info" Magazine for the subscribers to Crédit Lyonnais (French bank). Katrinn’s series illustrates very well how, after being under the care of the surgeons and anesthetists, you will be greeted as a user and your time in the hospital will be facilitated.

Katrinn Pelletier / Yoopa magazine / Family coaching / Montreal

Katrinn Pelletier put a spotlight on a super nanny  in her last series of illustrations for Yoopa Magazine. The related article introduces family coaching as a potential resort to help parents who are facing difficulties and sometimes crisis with their children in their everyday life.

Katrinn Pelletier / Poster for Antitube Diffusion Cinema / Quebec, Canada

Here is a poster that creates "noise" in the great town of Quebec. Katrinn Pelletier took a great pleasure in creating this duotone illustration for Antitube Diffusion Cinema. The artistic direction and the graphic design were made by Safran communication + design in Quebec city.

Katrinn Pelletier / La Vie de Château Magazine / Quebec City

The tour continues in the great province now with an illustration created by Katrinn Pelletier for an article about Château Frontenac, emblematic and historic monument in Quebec City, which is also a famous hotel where celebrities from industries such as music are used to stay when they stop by the city.

Katrinn Pelletier / New research : Pin-Up / Québec, Canada

Katrinn pays tribute to the pinups with this series of illustrations she unveils to enrich her book and seduce her regular followers. To learn more about Katrinn Pelletier's work, consult her book and discover her latest realizations.

Katrinn Pelletier / Quebec Science Magazine / Montreal

After Florida map, it's Bering strait which is draw for Québec Science magazine this time by illustratror Katrinn Pelletier. Katrinn had to represent on this map the journey of the first American human beings to accompny an article on the appearance of first human beings in North America.

Katrinn Pelletier / Coup de Pouce Magazine / Montreal

Health is the subject here in Coup de Pouce Magazine : Should we have to consult in private medical clinics? Katrinn Pelletier was chosen to illustrate the article.


Katrinn Pelletier / Châtelaine magazine / Montreal

Katrinn Pelletier illustrated a part of Florida map for an article on different touristic places to visit in this American State.

Katrinn Pelletier / Yoopa Magazine / Montreal

Given that Christmas holidays are coming, Katrinn Pelletier's new serie of illustrations for Yoopa magazine is about children and food to accompany an article about the necessity of parental supervision during this time in order to avoid children food indigestions.

Katrinn Pelletier / Yoopa Magazine / Montreal

Series of illustrations for Yoopa Magazine, to illustrate an article on children "orphan diseases" which are rare diseases that the medical sector don't know much about,  for Yoopa Magazine.

Katrinn Pelletier / Yoopa Magazine / Montreal

Serie of illustrations to accompany an article on using pictograms to help children to communicate,  to develop their autonomy and to learn basic actions from everyday life, for Yoopa Magazine.

Katrinn Pelletier / Yoga Journal / San Francisco

Series of illustrations for the article: Lead the Change that you Want to See in the World, for Yoga Journal.

Katrinn Pelletier / Cacharel packaging / Paris

The graphic design and the artistic direction for the packaging of the 2011 campaing of Cacharel for Mother's Day (L'Oreal luxe France), for their series of feminine fragrances, were provided by Colagene, graphic design clinic. The illustrator from Quebec, Katrinn Pelletier, created the illustration and interior pattern parts, as well as all the color variations. For Mother's Day, Cacharel choses to express the fresh, romantic and feminine spirit of their fragrances with the purity and the romanticism of delicate flowers.

Katrinn Pelletier / Midwives magazine / London

One illustration for the article Taking the lead for the magazine Midwives in the UK.

Katrinn Pelletier / Yoopa magazine / Montreal

Editorial illustration to accompany an article on how to handle children sick with Gastroenteritis in Yoopa magazine

Katrinn Pelletier / Best Health Magazine / Toronto

Full page illustration for an article about women who have grey hair and are loving it!

Katrinn Pelletier / Yoopa Magazine / Montreal

Editorial illustrations for the Yoopa magazine. With its rigorous and varied content, Yoopa is the new benchmark magazine of Quebec parents.

Katrinn Pelletier / Place Laurier / Quebec

Advertising campaign for the official presentation of the 2010-2011 edition of the Remparts, the Quebec City hockey team.

Katrinn Pelletier / CNRS Newspaper / Paris

Cover & inside illustrations for an article called "Incroyable végétal" for the CNRS newspaper

Katrinn Pelletier / Yoopa Magazine / Montreal

Editorial illustration for Yoopa! Magazine to accompany an article on children's dyslexia.

Katrinn Pelletier / Vita Magazine / Montreal

Illustration for the Vita magazine for the article "Les curistes" on a group of women who go on spa and health retreats.