Sonia Roy / The Hollywood Reporter / USA

Sonia Roy was chosen this month for this photo collage in The Hollywood Reporter Magazine. It's an article about the evolution of women in the cinema business thanks to the #metoo movement.

Sonia Roy / We're Acting Out! summer festival / Montreal

The Society for the Celebrations of Montréal’s 375th Anniversary and the LG2 agency appealed to the talent of Sonia Roy to realize the visual of the 2017 campaign of the Montreal festival: We're Acting Out! Le Quartier des Spectacles is currently being invaded by the largest street art groups from Quebec and worldwide.

Sonia Roy / Paris WorldWide / France

Sonia Roy created a series of 7 illustrations for an article on "The masters of numbers" in the magazine of the airports of Paris, Paris WorldWide.

Sonia Roy / Scientific American Mind Magazine

Sonia Roy's collage for the article "Nurturing Genius" of Tom Clynes of the Magazine Scientific American Mind Magazine of January-February 2017.

Sonia Roy / New Trail Magazine / University of Alberta

Sonia continues her collaboration with New Trail magazine by illustrating the article about The current state of how sex education is taught, and how behind the times it is.

Sonia Roy / Best COLLAGE artists from SAMPLE magazine

Sample magazine, which puts forward the best Collage projects worldwide, selected 14 artists of 14 countries for its special Collage Design issue. We are proud that Sonia Roy is one of the members selected.

Sonia Roy / Quebec Science magazine / Montréal

With the imminent approach of the holiday season, it's important to remember that Your brain too needs time-off. An evocative collage of Sonia Roy for this article on the benefits of taking some time for ourselves and to decompress!

Sonia Roy / Orange Coast

A series of spots illustrated by Sonia Roy for the file A new look at Las Vegas of the Orange Coast magazine.

Sonia Roy / The Walrus

Discover this great article on food waste in the Walrus magazine of October illustrated by Sonia Roy.

Sonia Roy / Votre Beauté

Sonia Roy's new collaboration for the file Health of the magazine Votre Beauté: detox of the brain.

Sonia Roy / Nexus magazine / Toronto, ON

A complex and unique relation which is born between the Man and the Robot, without competition but with intelligence and beauty. That is what Sonia Roy managed to express for the Nexus magazine cover in her creation which honors and makes a reference obviously to the work " The Creation of Adam " of Michel-angel.

Sonia Roy / Wall Street Journal / New York, NY

To discover new races of birds or birding is one of your passions? It is a good news because the Wall Street Journal has just published a beautiful article on this subject where Sonia Roy has created with softness, poetry and nostalgia a nice collage on this popular activity.

Sonia Roy / Southwest magazine / Dallas

A nice story that will make you want to go fishing with your family. Sonia Roy succeed this nice bet to mix vintage collage with fishing world and wild nature!

Sonia Roy / Ateliers d’art magazine / Paris

Discover below a selection of a series of 10 illustrations created by Sonia Roy for a feature questionning about the festival of art professions as an ideal recipe and published in Atelier d'art French magazine, July/August issue 2015.

Sonia Roy / Good Housekeeping magazine / London

Delightful series of six illustrations by Sonia Roy for the article Guilt doesn't help. This will!  published in The Caregiver's Handbook column of Good Housekeeping magazine, March issue.

Sonia Roy / Red Magazine / London

Here is a beautiful scene illustrated by Sonia Roy for an article on caregivers, from Red magazine's February issue. The article is telling the story of a woman who went through this human experience, also a difficult one, by welcoming her husband's mother at her home to support her and to take care of her.

Sonia Roy / Femme Majuscule Magazine / Paris

Illustration work from Sonia Roy for the debate opening  « Fashion and the well-endowed » for the November-December 2014 issue of Femme Majuscule Magazine.

Sonia Roy / Magnard Editions / Paris

Here is an audacious book cover created by Sonia Roy for La chanson du nez cassé, a story written by the author Arne Svingen for the Magnard's Children's collection.

Sonia Roy / Annual Report / Eau Seine Normandie Agency / Paris

For the annual report, Eau Seine Normandie chose Sonia Roy to illustrate the book cover and the 5 dividers opening.

Sonia Roy / Global Brief Magazine / Ontario

Here is an editorial illustration signed by Sonia Roy for the article La puissance du dilemme "hard vs soft power", à la puissance moderne for the Winter 2014 issue of the Global Brief Magazine. The illustration accompanies skilfully this column about the New Power in the 20th century.

Sonia Roy / Toronto Life Magazine / Ontario

 For their annual Real Estate Special 2014 issue, Toronto Life Magazine asked Sonia Roy to illustrates 4 of the latest trends in condo-living.

Sonia Roy / Bell company / Bell let's talk / Montreal

Sonia Roy was chosen to create a collage series of several Canadian towns and areas, ridden by Canadian cyclist Clara Hughes during her big ride across the country, started on March 2014. Sonia’s collages have been put together to create a long visual frieze for the campaign website « Clara’s big ride » so that visitors can follow in images Clara’s location in real time.

Sonia Roy / Le Journal du CNRS / Paris

For 2014, the Journal of the CNRS has changed formula. For their first issue of the year, they have trusted Sonia Roy to make the 4 openings: In person, Large Format, In action, In ideas.

Sonia Roy / InBusiness magazine / Toronto

For a package in February’s issue of inBusiness magazine, distributed by The Globe and Mail, Sonia Roy created different collages on the topic of small businesses that are moving to a global stage and factors influencing their approach and decision.


Sonia Roy / Foodservice Consultant magazine / London

Illustration of Sonia Roy for the article The future of restaurants for Foodservice Consultant magazine.

Sonia Roy / The Walrus / Toronto

Sonia Roy illustrated a collage for a memoir about a Canadian writer's experiences growing up in Africa. The focus was about how different the customs are in Africa versus the West, specifically the attitude towards giving gifts and money.

Sonia Roy / En Route magazine / Montreal

Sonia Roy has started a new collaboration with En Route magazine for the column interview "One on One". Sonia has been requested to make the portrait and a few elements referring to the personality interviewed in each issue. This September issue introduces the actress Jennifer Lawrence.

Sonia Roy / Télérama Sortir / Paris

Sonia Roy illustrated a series of illustrations for the supplement A Summer in Seine-Saint-Denis of Télérama magazine and TV program. She was in charge of illustrating the cover and article inside about 8 Reasons to go to the 9-3, showing some good things in the Paris suburbs, often misperceived.

Sonia Roy / Philosophie magazine / Paris

Sonia Roy has designed 2 collages for about Schopenhauer and love of Philosophy magazine.

Sonia Roy / Lac Mystère Movie / Montreal

Let's talk about illustration and movie, all made in Quebec! Sonia Roy did some amazing vintage collage illustrations for the creation of a puzzle. The object has been especially made for the movie : Lac Mystère, directed by Erik Canuel. Enjoy the photos! We are are also suggesting you to go see the movie which is playing now (in Quebec)!

Sonia Roy / Reader's Digest Magazine / Montreal

Sonia Roy did two vintage collage illustrations for the article: Sight Unseen published in the April issue of the Rearder's Digest Magazine. One of the collage illustrations shows a portrait of Helen Keller, a famous American writer who lived deaf-mute and blind. The article is an extract of one of her publication and put the emphasis on the capacity to enjoy the beauty of the world through one of the 5 senses: the sight. The author also wrote what she would do if she was given the ability to see during three days.

Sonia Roy / The Walrus and Today's Parent Magazines / Toronto

The Walrus magazine asked Sonia Roy to create an illustration for a story about the newly renovated Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto. Sonia's collage had to represent the history of how mental health was treated in the past, and how it's changed now. 
Today’s Parent Magazine also mandated Sonia for their March issue for the creation of a more modern collage including a young boy in a zen mood in the classroom for the Active and Real Life section about education.

Sonia Roy / Avenue Magazine / Calgary, Alberta

Sonia Roy represented the portrait of Rosemary Bacovsky, food writer from Calgary, travelling around the world searching for gastronomic experiences.

Sonia Roy / DBusiness Magazine / Metro Detroit, USA

Sonia Roy created a metaphorical illustration representing colleges that grow depending on how much state fonds you provide them.

Sonia Roy / Culte(s) Lifestyle Magazine / Paris

Sonia Roy conceives an olfactory map in her vintage collage style for an article about perfume concept stores featured in French Culte(s) Lifestyle Magazine. Those new boutiques are an interesting alternative to the impersonal perfumeries' alleys or to pick up a perfume in a designer shop, which sometimes can be intimidating. The article points out many addresses in Paris, namely the Jovoy, the Labo, Nose and Sens Unique, Ombres Portées (in Lille) and Les senteurs (London).

Sonia Roy / Culte(s) Lifestyle Magazine / Paris

Sonia Roy creates a series of  vintage collage illustrations for the article : Let's eat with Putin and Medvedev for Culte(s) Lifestyle Magazine.

Sonia Roy / The Kooples T-shirts / Paris

We totally forgot to talk to you about this great collaboration between Sonia Roy and The Kooples, internationally renowned ready-to-wear French brand, whose trademark is the skull.

Sonia Roy / Canadian Living Magazine / Toronto

Sonia Roy represented with a collage the concept of transforming a bad mood to a good mood for the article Bad Mood Busters.

Sonia Roy / Milk Magazine / Paris

Sonia Roy produced a vintage collage style illustration for the article: Normal, normalien, normalite, évitons la crise ! of the French magazine Milk. The requested repetitive characters were to demonstrate that being identical is being "normal".

Sonia Roy / Interview of Sonia Roy in Digital Arts Magazine / UK

Sonia Roy – Eplores Dreamscapes

There’s a dreamlike, allegorical quality to Canadian artist Sonia Roy’s work: vintage portraits are cast into enigmatic landscapes, and watched over by birds and foxes. They are highly evocative: hinting at emotionally charged, half-forgotten tales.

“Each of my pieces start with the characters. They are the narrators of my stories,” she explains. “Their expression and pose are very important to me.” In her images, 1950s pin-up girls beam coquettishly, and Edwardian children solemnly gaze on, surrounded by strange industrial landscapes and twisting branches.

To read more please click here

Sonia Roy / Wedding Invitations / Paris

Sonia Roy demonstrated a creative ingeniousity and a disctinctive sense of delicacy in her arrangements' research, to realize this wedding invitation, that had to integrate springtime references, Copenhagen landmarks and, of course, the young and dynamic couple.

Sonia Roy / M, Le Magazine du Monde / Paris

Sonia Roy illustrates The City Break file for M, Le Magazine du Monde. She uses her vintage pictures collage style to translate the various holiday suggestions in images.

Sonia Roy / Washington Post Magazine / cover / Washington

For the cover of the travel issue of the Washington Post Magazine, Sonia Roy had to create a photomontage about the literary landscape of Los Angeles (predominately noir fiction) and retracing the steps/landmarks of famous books.

Sonia Roy / Alberta Oil Magazine / Alberta

Sonia illustrates the article: Often Imitated, Often Duplicated, about how Oil and Gas companies are outsourcing tech innovations to help them be more efficient when drilling/mining, etc.

Sonia Roy / Personal research / Montreal

New in the book of collage style illustrator Sonia Roy, an exploration of retro and modern worlds. These two images represent well the work of Sonia, who has greatly developed her technique over the past year while maintaining a rich and symbolic style.

La clef d'Herman comes from a personal research. As for the illustration titled le mauvais sort, it was created for the first page of the tale story, The Sleeping Beauty as part of a collaborative project with Illustration Québec.

Sonia Roy / FTQ celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Office / Montreal

The Office Québecois de la langue française  celebrates its 50th anniversary. Sonia Roy was chosen by la Fédération des Travailleurs du Québec (Quebec workers federation) to create the cover of their December 2011 publication.

Sonia Roy / Philosophie Magazine / Paris

Series of illustrations for the file on the philosopher Erasme, for Philosophie magazine.

Sonia Roy / Vanity Fair / London

Sonia illustrates the cover of the Denmark special section for the magazine Vanity Fair UK, for the November issue 2011.

Sonia Roy / Philosophie magazine / Paris

Series of illustrations for article about the philosopher Henry David Thoreau of Philosophie magazine.

Sonia Roy / BBC Music Magazine / London

Production of 1 collage illustration for the article The hills are alive for the BBC Music Magazine.

Sonia Roy / Magazine Open Mind / Edmonton

Illustration for the annual publication of Merit Contractors, Open Mind illustrating the article: Rectifying an Imbalance, about how unions force their member to pay dues that go towards political purposes and a suggestion that government has to do something about it.

Sonia Roy / Award for th Best Illustration category / Alberta

Congratulations to Sonia Roy for her recent “Best Illustration” award at the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association's annual awards for the illustration published with the article about resurgence of the aerospace industry in Alberta.

Sonia Roy / Region of Burgundy in France / Paris

International campaign for the region of Burgundy in France: In Burgundy, no tourists.

Sonia Roy / Men's Health / New York

A photomontage illustration for the Health section of the magazine Men’s Health.

Sonia Roy / Personal research

Series of illustrations inspired by the recent oil spill on the U.S. east coast.

Sonia Roy / Alberta Venture / Edmonton

One collage illustration for the article about life sciences for Alberta Venture Magazine.

Sonia Roy / Alberta Venture / Edmonton

One full page illustration for Alberta Venture Magazine to accompany a story about the resurgence of the aerospace industry in Alberta.


Sonia Roy / BBC Music Magazine / London

One magazine cover (& cd cover) illustration for the BBC Music magazine for the Proms 2010 special issue.

Sonia Roy / Professionally Speaking Magazine / Ontario

Illustrations for Professionally Speaking magazine for an article about the history of English Language

Sonia Roy / BBC Music Magazine / London

Illustration for the BBC Music magazine for the article How to get into Wagner

Sonia Roy / Avantages Magazine / Paris

Thematic editorial creations to illustrate the article “I rebuilt my life with my ex” in the couple psychology special.

Sonia Roy / Professionally Speaking / USA

Three illustrations for Professionally Speaking magazine, for an article about the history of English language

Sonia Roy / Zen, magic & modern

Collage & compositions exploration, with a commercial flavor.