Véronique Joffre / Creative capsule

Here is our second CRÉATIVE CAPSULE novelty launched this summer. This month we invite you to meet Véronique Joffre, French artist living in London and working paper cuts. Great discovery, and do not hesitate to share around you to make her work known.

Describe to us your creative lab?
My workshop gives onto the garden where from I perceive cats, birds, squirrels and sometimes even foxes! My desk is quite simple but it is surrounded with images, books and with pictures that I like looking at, they help me to immerse myself into the creative process. And on top of that, papers, markers, scissors and tubes of glue!

In two sentences, how would you describe your work technique?
I work mainly in paper cuts, I have my stock of colored papers and other that I create with markers for more textures. A little bit in the style of a sculptor, I cut the shapes with my scissors directly from the material, from the mass, then, either I create all the elements separately then I assemble them on Photoshop (to have a bigger freedom in the composition set), or I stick the whole work directly (to have complete originals).

What is the project of which you are most proud of?
I recently published my first youth book as author-illustrator, Imagier mouillé published by Thierry Magnier. It is a picture book for toddlers, on the theme of the water and animals, who plays on the associations of words (that rhymes in french) as "lac/flaque", "mare/marécage", "goutte/rosée", "rivière/cascade", etc.... I was eager to create an album mixing the playful, graphic aspect and the educational side to learn the kids some of wonders of nature!

Which are your favorite colors to create?
I really have no favorite colors, what guides me it's what takes place between themselves, the way they interact and vibrate oned with the others! But I like the vivid, often primary colors, the strong contrasts that a small touch of grey comes to calm and balance!

Why did you become an artist?
I don't know if we really become an artist, we are all when we are a child, some stay, other not. I just made the only thing which always carried me: visually create, play with colors, shapes, to tell, to evoke, to take some pleasure (even if it is not always easy) and try to also give some!

In four words, how would you describe your style of illustration?
Simplicity, balance, colors, cutting.

What is the project about which you dream?
A project which offers lots of freedom, a creative challenge, a beautiful visibility, a harmonious and constructive communication with the client with comfortable deadlines and a great budget ; -)!

What looks like a typical day in the life of Véronique Joffre?
A clever mix of: lot of work, hold deadlines, or create new images, try new graphic tracks and then a little cooking, tea breaks, some phone calls, a hint of waste of time on social networks, little bit of pilates, some gardening and some cuddles to my cat! And of course on weekends, it's often the pub and art exhibitions!

What inspires you?
So many things! Nature, animals, colors, naturalists, textures, la garrigue, stones, Matisse, rosé wine, Bonnard, Willy Ronis, Jane Goodall, David Attenborough, Daniel Barenboïm, Christine and the Queens...

What is your blog or your favorite web page?
A site I like is the English collective NousVous formed by three talented illustrators, their universes are very inspiring!

Véronique Joffre / Summer colors and paper-cuts

Véronique cuts, glues and creates a personal series she called Let's go wild and Let's go to the farm!

Véronique Joffre / Le Parisien magazine and much more!

Véronique Joffre illustrated in paper-cuts an article on OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) for The Parisian magazine. Thereafter, a tribute to Jane Goodall (famous British primatologist), and to conclude, dog walking and their masters!

Véronique Joffre / 100 % Paper Cuts

The end of year 2015 was a busy time for Véronique Joffre. She illustrated an article that will be published in the next issue of the XXI Magazine, and participated in a delightful 2016 serigraphy calendar! In May she will be pleased to unveil a new youth album in collaboration with Thierry Magnier Editions.

Véronique Joffre / Mont-Royal Street / Montreal

This year, Veronique signed the illustration of a promotional campaign for Mont-Royal street in Montreal. She was requested by the design agency L’Atelier Chinotto to draw the traditional torchlight procession,a main activity organized by the street in December.

Véronique Joffre / Personal research

Véronique Joffre's paper universe is warm, dynamic and colored. Discover her new creations!

Véronique Joffre / Book / Comme des Géants

N'aie pas peur (Don’t’be afraid), the new book for children by Véronique Joffre, written by Andrée Poulin and published by Quebecker edition company Comme des Géants. It is the story of a boy and his mother, and of a bear-cub and his mother about camping and bravoure!

Véronique Joffre / Annual report 2014 / State of Mississippi

Veronique Joffre has imagined for the annual report 2014 of the State of the Mississippi a series of illustrations which summarize 4 existing services : education / research, health / safety, police / administration and work / service.
Every service was represented by a group of people. The project gives a human face and a spirit of solidarity to the citizens and the shareholders of the State of Mississippi.

Véronique Joffre / Solelh wine label / France

For the second time, Véronique illustrated a label of wine for the Domain Entras. For this project, the graphic clinic managed the design process. "Solelh" means in gascon (occitan language) the sun. Solelh is a refreshing and sweet wine as a ray of sunshine in the spring that makes your eyes wink when you are on a terrace of a little café.

Véronique Joffre / The art of paper cut / London

Véronique Joffre is a French artist who lives in London. She works and creates her illustrations from paper. She recently experimented more abstract compositions. Also discover one of her illustrations that has been selected for the Prize for illustration 2015 contest : "Hampstead Ponds ".

Véronique Joffre / Seine-et-Marne French department's social economy guide / France

Veronique Joffre made a paper cut illustration for the cover of The Seine-et-Marne French department's 2014 guide about social economy in the area. Veronique was requested to create an everyday life scene of a city oriented to economy and employment. 

Véronique Joffre / Personal work / London

This month Veronique Joffre is sharing her lastest artworks with us. She said : "I'm having fun with my scissors, the colors, the shapes, the papers, colorful felt-tip pens, and, what I do like, at the moment, is to work on characters through different themes (circus, football, flowers market, swimming, travelling etc..).

Véronique Joffre / Intergenerational Neighborhood / Berthiaume Du-Tremblay association / Montreal

Véronique Joffre had a great time creating 4 playful and colorful illustrations for an informative online brochure that promotes an intergenerational neighborhood. It’s a real-estate project suggested by the Berthiaume Du-Tremblay association that aims to gather houses for both pensioners and younger generation in the same area of living. Veronique did illustrate a global view of the neighborhood and also 3 essential dimensions: security, health and commitment that will be placed in the heart of the project.

Véronique Joffre / CPA Magazine / Toronto

Véronique Joffre was mendated to create a paper collage for the Expert Digest page of CPA magazine. The main point of the article being rather complex, which is about the impact of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Véronique decided to bring a symbolic point of view : the investor in search of investment.

Véronique Joffre / Working Mother Magazine / USA

Véronique Joffre created cut paper style illustrations for the article: "The four workplace traps for working women -- and how to avoid them" for Working Mother Magazine. She represented these 4 profiles: Tightrope, Prove It Again, Maternal Wall and Tug of War.

Véronique Joffre / Fashion collages and solo exhibition / London

Véronique presents her latest research titled "Collage in a square" on the theme of fashion and great designers. Below is an example of it, but to discover the complete series of 3 illustrations, follow this link. Also, a few months ago, Véronique made ​​her first solo exhibition in London at The Haberdashery. She has exhibited there an original series of paper collages on the theme "Africa in Crouch End".

Véronique Joffre / Planeta wine label / France

At the heart of historic Gascony is established the Entras vineyard. The Maestrojuan family wanted to highlight a specific region of its domain through a unique wine, a blend of local grapes. This cuvee had to adorn itself with an equally original label highlighting the complexity of this white wine, its relationship to the elements of its soil, its Gascon landscape. The very organic illustration work of Véronique Joffre helped assemble all these elements in a colorful composition where the hills of the Gers are widely highlighted as well as the presence of streams, man's labor in this beautiful countryside of southwest France.

Véronique Joffre / Fresh images! / London

Véronique Joffre, a French illustrator working with paper and living in London, shares her latest creations; fruits and vegetables for a chef, The four Colossus which has been selected for the prestigious 2014 Serco Prize for Illustration and will be exhibited from 14 February to 6 April at the London Transport Museum, a Yeti lost in the mountains made ​​for the exhibition "Merveilleux" (Wonderful) which took place last October in Paris at the Arludik gallery, and, lastly, a creation for the illustration contest of 2014 Book Fair in Paris.

Véronique Joffre / Printed campaign for Strasbourg City / Strasbourg

Illustrations of urban scenes in cut paper for an exhibition booth and out of home signage for Strasbourg City, announcing the public event: My City under a magnifying glass, dialogue on the local town planning. Discover more of the cut paper work by Véronique Joffre.

Véronique Joffre / Les Cahiers de l’Anah / Paris

Véronique Joffre had to illustrate several themes for Les Cahiers de l’Anah, such as home support - a priority for today and tomorrow, thermal renovations and the adaption of housing aids.

Véronique Joffre / Lost in translation for the magazine Com'Ent / Paris

Véronique Joffre illustrated in paper cut the cover and articles of the last issue about Lost in translation, vers la fin des interfaces? in Com'Ent Magazine of the Communication and Business association in France. This magazine aims to increase the thinking on evolution and current communication trends. To learn more consult the magazine.

Véronique Joffre / Arion, Baroque Orchestra / Montreal

The new musical season 2013-2014  of Arion, baroque orchestra concerts has been launched under the theme of Italia. This year, it's Veronique Joffre that has been chosen to create in a paper cut style one generic illustration to announce the season entitled All' Italiana  as well as 5 other illustrations, each respectively inspired by 5 upcoming concerts named:  Venezia, mi amore, Venise Tempest, Love duets, The World of Mozart and Bow follies and Battalias.

Véronique Joffre / New paper illustrator / London, UK

Born in 1982 in Gers, graduated from Estienne School and from Strasbourg in Decorative Arts, Veronique has been working for children books publishers and magazines for several years. She is now aiming for other markets. Over time, she developed her universe around technique of cutouts/collage of recycled, preferably painted and already colored paper that, with its ludic and concrete style, allows her to play with forms and colors, and cut directly into the material. Like a sculptor, she draws with her scissors. She enjoys combining different kinds of papers and textures, and with colors, and making rough shapes coexist  with other more delicate.