Florent Hauchard / Management Special Issue / France

Florent Hauchard created a series of 7 illustrations, including the cover of Management magazine, Le guide du bien-être en entreprise. (The guide of the well-being at work)

Kelly Schykulski / Avenue Calgary Magazine / Canada

Kelly Schykulski illustrated the cover and the inside feature of the Best restaurants 2018 special issue Avenue Calgary magazine available online.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / L'Express / France

Marie-Eve Tremblay illustrates the start of the literary season of foreign novels for L'Express magazine.

Emmanuel Polanco / L'Obs / France

Emmanuel Polanco created the cover of l'OBS magazine. The article presents the city of Trappes, following the release of Ariane Chemin's bookLa Communauté, also about this suburb.

Damien Vignaux / Ad Age Magazine Cover / USA

Damien Vignaux created a beautiful portrait of Marc S. Pritchard, Manager of P&G Brand, which made the November issue cover of Ad Age magazine.

Benoit Tardif / Editions Fides / Quebec

Here is the cover of Flirtez-vous avec le Burnout parental ? (ENG: Are you flirting with parental Burnout?) book illustrated by Benoit Tardif for Editions Fides.

Andi Meier / TNTmag / France

Clay illustration made by Andi Meier for the TNTmag cover.

Florent Hauchard / Squeezie x Carrefour / France

In partnership with Carrefour, Florent Hauchard illustrated the game book of Squeezie, famous Youtuber with his 8,800,000 subscribers. Florent has also illustrated the Squeezie YouTube page.


Zigor Samaniego / Pharmacy Practice+ and The Medical Post

Zigor Samaniego has the chance to create this "fun" serie of characters with his unique 3D style for Pharmacy Practice+ and The Medical Post.

Tonwen Jones / FundEd magazine / UK

Tonwen Jones created the cover for the Summer issue of FundEd magazine.

Cypi Press / New Fashion Illustration / China

Cypi Press has just published a very beautiful book on the illustrations in fashion simply entitled New Fashion IllustrationËlodie, besides finding herself in the selection of the internal pages, made the cover also. We also find the following artists represented by the clinic: Anne CresciDavid DespauKatrinn PelletierMamzelle PoppyMydeadponyNicole Jarecz and Silke Werzinger ! 

Marie-Eve Tremblay / The Cowboy Princess / Dominique & Compagnie

Marie-Eve Tremblay's illustrations charm both young and old, and you will be seduced by these magnificent illustrations created for the new book The Cowboy Princess, published by Dominique et Compagnie.

Zigor Samaniego / Bruneau catalog / France

Zigor Samaniego was chosen to create the next covers of Bruneau's catalogs - supplies and office furniture for companies - in 3D. Here is the January one.

Andi Meier / The Washington Post

With the new year approaching, The Washington Post asked Andi Meier to create the cover page which features the important moments of 2016. "The Worst Year in Washington" is illustrated entirely in clay by the german artist. Thanks for this wonderful collaboration!

Emmanuel Polanco / Management special issue

Series of illustrations and cover created by Emmanuel Polanco for the special issue Create your own business in 2017 for the Management magazine. Last year, it was Damien Vignaux who had created them about the expats.

Damien Vignaux / GQ Watches / France

Damien Vignaux illustrates, for the GQ watches supplement, the cover as well as an article on the trend of the seventies.

Pablo Pasadas / EISTI / France

Pablo designed an illustrated photomontage for the cover of EISTI's brochure; International School of Information processing sciences.

Damien Vignaux / Baku Magazine

The summer issue of Baku magazine is dedicated to the Formula 1, Damien Vignaux created the cover.

Benoit Tardif / Kaléidoscope magazine / Montréal

To stop working only for ourselves and in isolation, how to "break the silos"? An original concept coming to life thanks to Benoit Tardif, for the cover of Kaléidoscope magazine.

Andi Meier / Desert Companion magazine / Nevada, USA

What does a 8-day RV Road trip throughout Nevada looks like? Andi Meier captured all of the different adventures and elements of the road trip made by our friends at Desert Companion.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Touristic Guide / Montréal

The Chamber of Commerce of the Valley of Saint-Sauveur mandated Marie-Eve to create the front page of their new touristic guide. An evocative visual for pure pleasure year-round in the region!

Damien Vignaux / History of Western Civilization

Damien Vignaux created an evocative collage representing symbolic elements of Antiquity, the Middle Ages, modern and contemporary ages for the new edition of the book History of Western Civilization.

Anne Cresci / L’Épicurienne, Cuisine et Vins de France

Anne Cresci continues her collaboration with Cuisine et Vins de France (Cuisine and Wines of France) for their extra issue The Epicurian of January 2016, which says a lot about good French wine. You can find it in the Marie Claire’s January issue, currently on newsstands.

Benoit Tardif / Agora Internal magazine of Auchan

This autumn, Benoît Tardif realized this cover on Le meilleur d'Auchan accessible à tous (The Best of Auchan accessible to all) for Agora, the internal magazine of Auchan, a French supermarket.

Kelly Schykulski / Alberta Views Travel Guides 2015

Discover the province of Alberta in West Canada, thanks to these guides illustrated by Kelly Schykulski. He managed to combine in each illustration several ideas and concepts. In June, his work had already been noticed by Applied Arts.

Sonia Roy / Nexus magazine / Toronto, ON

A complex and unique relation which is born between the Man and the Robot, without competition but with intelligence and beauty. That is what Sonia Roy managed to express for the Nexus magazine cover in her creation which honors and makes a reference obviously to the work " The Creation of Adam " of Michel-angel.

Benoit Tardif / New York Times

How not to fall in love with the world of Benoit Tardif and not ask him to tell us a crazy story between a plant of oregano, a butterfly and an ant? The New York Times Science in the article The butterfly, the ant and the oregano falls and dives one more time into his moved, funny and relevant world.

Benoit Tardif / La Licorne Theater / Montreal

Benoit Tardif renewed his collaboration with La Licorne Theater in Montreal for the new 2015-16 season titled «Territoires intimes » (intimate territories). Again, Benoit had a free pass to create in his style a series of illustrations for the promotional campaign of this season.

" We are very happy with this second collaboration with Benoit Tardif. His straightforward and colorful style always comes with humor and fits with the kind of theater that we broadcast."
- Claudie Barnes, director of communication.

Anne Cresci / Marie Claire & Coup de Pouce magazines / Paris & Montreal

Discover in the first place the cover of this freebie supplement about French cuisine and wines illustrated by Anne Cresci and added in the French issues of Marie-Claire and Marie-Claire home magazines.

In the seconde place, we invite you to enjoy this explosion of flowers and colors created with a lot of poetry by Anne Cresci for an article on happiness published in Coup de Pouce magazine.

Kelly Schykulski / 2015 Alberta Views guides / Calgary, Alberta

Alberta Views is a project of 10 mini-guides for the year 2015, on the initiative of the state of Alberta, to put forward every month, events and places to be visited. The first 3 issues are about: training and education, Museums and Art galleries and are illustrated by Kelly Schykulski.

Bomboland / Pharmacy Practice + / Toronto

For the cover of Pharmacy Practice+ of February 2015, Bomboland represented pharmacists as small papercut birds helping and advising their customers-birds ! So answering the question: "How are pharmacists feeling ?"

Benoit Tardif / Les Libraires / Quebec city

Benoit Tardif illustrated the cover of the literary review Les Libraires. This cover is referring to the topic of this February-March issue’s special article about the presence of the Seven Deadly Sins in our today’s readings.

Aaron McConomy / Com'Ent magazine / Paris

Aaron McConomy  illustrated for the cover and special article about truth and lies regarding the communication field in France, for the last issue of Com'Ent magazine published by Communication and Firm in France association. The publication is about reflexions on trends and actual evolutions of the communication field. To know about it, we invite you to consult the magazine.

Tonwen Jones / ESH 2014 annual report, Les Entreprises Sociales pour l’Habitat / Paris

The 5 files of the ESH 2014 annual report - Entreprises Sociales pour l'Habitat - were elaborated as maps and illustrated by Tonwen Jones.

Damien Vignaux / Courtage project / Paris

Cover illustration of the quaterly magazine "Projet Courtage", from Allianz group, realised by Damien Vignaux, on a topic intended for the companies: Pull together to grow.

Aaron McConomy / Focus Alumni magazine - McGill's Faculty of Law / Montreal

Aaron McConomy was chosen to illustrate the cover of the 2014 edition of Focus, an alumni magazine for the Faculty of Law at McGill. The issue is dealing with the profound changes through which the legal profession is undergoing due to globalization and the actual commercial and technological context.

Sonia Roy / Annual Report / Eau Seine Normandie Agency / Paris

For the annual report, Eau Seine Normandie chose Sonia Roy to illustrate the book cover and the 5 dividers opening.

Damien Vignaux / Télérama Sortir / Paris

Damien Vignaux created an illustration for the cover of Télérama Sortir Magazine whose subject matter is the Columbian music brought to front at the Île-de-France festival.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / 6PAR4 / 2014 fall season / Laval, France

Mydeadpony was almost free to create this 2014 fall season's new graphic visual of  6PAR4, a concert hall located in Laval, France. Each trimester has its first cover, its artist and its illustrator. For this season program, Mydeadpony illustrates Christine and The Queens.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / 400 coups Publishing / Montreal

Discover the adventures of a bad-tempered chick, illustrated by Marie-Eve Tremblay in this first book titled La vengeresse masquée et le Loup (The Masked Avenger and the Wolf), written by Pierrette Dubé and published by Les 400 coups.

Damien Vignaux / « Projet Courtage » internal corporate magazine's cover / Allianz group / Paris

Damien Vignaux created this collage image for the cover of « Projet courtage », an internal corporate magazine created by the world's second largest group in the Insurance sector, The Allianz group, for its collaborators.

Aaron McConomy / OPC Register magazine / Ontario

Aaron McConomy collaborates again on a conceptual illustration project for the cover of the Ontario Principals' Council Register magazine. The article was about electronic communications in a school setting.

Benoit Tardif / Apec Rh magazine / Paris

Colagene illustrates every month the magazine covers of the Apec RH, a French placement and recruitment agency. This month, Benoît Tardif illustrates the theme: "The transfer of skills, performance issue for the company." It was important to demonstrate the concept of passing the torch, communications and information flow between employees.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Illustrated book for Éditions Mic Mac / Paris

Marie-Eve was the first at the clinic to work with the publishing company Éditions Mic Mac for a fully illustrated children book. Here are some excerpts from the book COW la petite vache cache ses taches (the small cow hiding her spots), the story of a well determined cow. She also illustrated the book Cocci la petite coccinelle cherche ses taches (the small ladybug looking for her spots).

Aaron McConomy / Collection of short stories / France

Series of illustrations including cover made ​​by Aaron for a collection of short stories. The topics covered are Normandy and the domain of ​​water.

Damien Vignaux / TC Media Publishing - Chenelière Education inc. / Montreal

Collage illustration signed by Damien Vignaux for the cover of a school book about Contemporary History from 1914 to 2014  for college students in Human Sciences. The book is published by Chenelière Éducation (a company of TC Media Livres).

Óscar Llorens / Pharmacy Practice Magazine / Canada

True to himself, Oscar Llorens greatly combined his childlike world to the serious topic of Pharmacogenomics, customized pharmacologic care based on an individual’s genetic makeup, for the cover of the Pharmacy Practice magazine.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Max Malo à Vol d'Oiseau - Québec Amérique Publishers / Montreal

Marie-Eve Tremblay was chosen to illustrate Max Malo's new adventures in the third tome of the series titled à vol d'oiseau and written by Bertrand Gauthier. The book is published by Québec Amérique jeunesse.

Ëlodie / Pharmacy Practice Magazine / Toronto

Ëlodie were asked to create with her drawing style a head with beautiful hair as well as the headline Head Lice and the subtitle for the cover of the magazine distributed to Canadian pharmacists.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Interligne publisher / Ontario

Marie-Eve Tremblay shares the universe of her illustrations for an alphabet book named Raconde-moi l'Ontario français adressed to young 8 to 12 year-old French-Ontarian students and published by Les Éditions L'Interligne. The illustrator drew the cover, some of the chapter openings and 2 main characters present during the whole book. For each alphabet letter, an historic character, a place, a town or an key-moment of French Ontario history is mentionned.

Takeshi / Festimania festival / Le Guide Prestige Montréal / Montreal

Here is a festive and colourful photomontage created by Takeshi for Festi + Pass promotion which is a pass that gives advantages and privileges during 11 festivals organized by Montreal Festimania for the 2012 summer season. Illustrator Takeshi gathered key-elements to depict each discipline of these festivals that are promoted as cool, modern and authentic.

Kelly Schykulski / English at work / Joboom Magazine / Montreal

Illustrator Kelly Schykulski was chosen to illustrate Jobboom magazine's cover in relation with an article on young people from Quebec having preferences to choose English language at university or at work because of  the advantages given in the labour world, for May 2012 issue.

Adam James / The Book of Doing / USA

Adam created the illustrations and designed "The Book of Doing: Everyday Activities to Unlock Your Creativity and Joy” of Allison Arden, published by the Penguin Group. He illustrated every activities in its own personal way of drawing everyday objects and words.

Sonia Roy / Washington Post Magazine / cover / Washington

For the cover of the travel issue of the Washington Post Magazine, Sonia Roy had to create a photomontage about the literary landscape of Los Angeles (predominately noir fiction) and retracing the steps/landmarks of famous books.

Sonia Roy / FTQ celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Office / Montreal

The Office Québecois de la langue française  celebrates its 50th anniversary. Sonia Roy was chosen by la Fédération des Travailleurs du Québec (Quebec workers federation) to create the cover of their December 2011 publication.

Sonia Roy / Vanity Fair / London

Sonia illustrates the cover of the Denmark special section for the magazine Vanity Fair UK, for the November issue 2011.

Kelly Schykulski / Registered Nurse Journal / Toronto

Kelly Schykulski did an illustration for the spread cover of the Registered Nurse Journal designed by Fresh Art & Design.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Flammarion Quebec publishing / Montreal

Illustration realized by Marie-Eve Tremblay for the cover of a french book named Cap sur la retraite by Marie-Paule Dessaint, published by Flammarion Québec.

Silke Werzinger / Metro Detroit Bride / Detroit

Silke illustrated hand drawing flowers that was incorporated on a full page shot of a model for the cover and the table of content of the Metro Detroit Bride Magazine.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Grammar basics schoolbook / Montreal

Cover and interior illustrations of the grammar basics schoolbook for Elementary school's 2nd and 3rd grades students. The project is realised by les Éditions du Renouveau Pédagogique Inc.

Silke Werzinger / SPB Annual Report / Paris

Series of illustrations for the annual report of SPB, insurance broker that plans, creates and manages affinity insurance programs in partnership with great brands. Realized by Aristophane agency.

Damien Vignaux / The Bulletin magazine / London

One cover and illustration for a feature about children being bilingual that can benefit the children’s overall academic and intellectual progress, and is not necessarily as negative as some teachers and parents might think.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Illustration Now! Portraits cover

Mydeadpony just created the portrait of Mark Zuckerberg (Co-Founder and President of Facebook) for the cover of the new book published by Julius Wiedemann; Illustration Now! Portraits of Taschen.

Caisse des Dépôts 2010 activity report / Paris

Series of illustrations created by Aaron McConomy, Tonwen Jones, Kelly Schykulski, Karen Klassen, Nazario Graziano and Francis Léveillée for the 2010 activity report of the Caisses de dépôts, with the Publicis Verbe agency.

Caisse des Dépôts 2010 annual report / Paris

Series of illustrations created by Aaron McConomy, Tonwen Jones and Kelly Schykulski for the 2010 annual report of the Caisses de dépôts, with the Publicis Verbe agency.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Fah Thai Magazine / Asia

Illustration for Fah Thai magazine of Jetstar Asia. The feature profiles was about seven Thai fashion designers making waves around the region and beyond. Most of them are established designers, whose work is starting to get recognition in the US and Europe

Adam James / Capital Business Magazine / Washington, DC

Adam created a conceptual illustration for the cover page of the Capital Business magazine to go with stories about where the Washington D.C. business community fits into international business.

Edward McGowan / RealDeals Magazine / London

3 illustrations for the cover and inside pages of  the magazine RealDeals.

Takeshi / Groupe Ville Marie / Montreal

Editorial illustration for the book first cover of an historical novel named La cordonnière, second volume of 4 books about the Dufresne family and written by Canadian author from Québec Pauline Gill. This book cover project was realised by Groupe Ville Marie Littérature.

Bomboland / New Scientist / London

One paper cut illustration for the New Scientist cover magazine in the UK.

Edward McGowan / HSBC Treasury World magazine / London

A series of illustrations for the cover and inside pages of the HSBC Treasury World magazine distributed in the UK.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / "Les voleurs de couleurs" book / Canada

Series of illustration created for a junior book named "Les voleurs de couleurs" by Amélie Resch and published by Les éditions L'interligne.

Takeshi / MAAF Contact Senior/family Magazine / Paris

3 illustrations for an article on "Smoke alarms" for the Contact Famille/Senior magazine for MAAF an insurance company.

Bomboland / New Scientist Magazine / London

One paper cut illustration for the cover of the New Scientist magazine: Your Inner Voice

Tonwen Jones / Transcontinental / Montreal

Promotional illustrations for Transcontinental's new media kit.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Nueva / Montreal

Cover illustration for the Spring 2011 Lookbook for the Nueva Brand. The concept and design were also created by our design team at Colagene, graphic design  Clinic.

Sonia Roy / BBC Music Magazine / London

One magazine cover (& cd cover) illustration for the BBC Music magazine for the Proms 2010 special issue.

Takeshi / DoGree / Montreal

Series photomontage illustrations for the catalog sales of winter accessories brand DoGree.

Pablo Pasadas / Le Maag / Paris

Cover illustration for the in-house magazine's MAAF, an insurance company, for the agency ByTheWayCreacom

Pablo Pasadas / L’Aquitaine / Paris

Cover illustration for the July/August supplement illustrating summer in Aquitaine, a region in France