David Despau / Vendée Globe / Safran

David Despau illustrated Safran's press file for the Vendée Globe sailing race. Safran sponsors for French skippers Morgan Lagravière. We wish him a good race!

Benoit Tardif / Heavy Montreal festival 2016 / Montreal

Rocker at heart? Benoit Tardif manages to impress with its straightforward style, as shown in his creations for the Heavy Montreal Festival of 2016. You'll find his animated illustrations in a promotionnal video of various festivals of the greater Montreal area presented by Loto Quebec.

Jérôme Mireault / Second début / Montreal

A fish on a bike.. well, yes it does exist! And it’s Jerome Mireault that had a lot of fun imagining beautiful drawings for a short essay called “Second début” (second beginning) by author and journalist Francine Pelletier, a vivid and sincere discussion on feminism in Quebec province and its status nowadays.

Véronique Joffre / Intergenerational Neighborhood / Berthiaume Du-Tremblay association / Montreal

Véronique Joffre had a great time creating 4 playful and colorful illustrations for an informative online brochure that promotes an intergenerational neighborhood. It’s a real-estate project suggested by the Berthiaume Du-Tremblay association that aims to gather houses for both pensioners and younger generation in the same area of living. Veronique did illustrate a global view of the neighborhood and also 3 essential dimensions: security, health and commitment that will be placed in the heart of the project.

Ëlodie / Shape magazine / Sweden

Ëlodie illustrated about the Community Relations, a trend where companies work for a better society, for the article: Good Neighbor Inc. of the Swedish magazine Shape.

Adam James / Fédération Française de la Randonnée Pédestre's press kit / France

Adam James Turnbull immersed himself for a few weeks in the world of hiking by creating 12 illustrations for the press kit Vivez votre aventure (Live your adventure) of the FFR French Federation of hiking.

Aaron McConomy / The Maple Celebration / Montreal

Spring is almost there and maple is already in the place of honor in Quebec! La fête de l'érable 2012/ maple celebration event 2012 organized by Quebec Maple Producers took place on March 4th in Montréal. Aaron McConomy was chosen to create for the occasion, a series of illustrations: a cauliflower, a rosemary herb and a vegetable garden. His work has been displayed during the event and has also been used to accompany the event press release.