Sonia Roy / Scientific American Mind Magazine

Sonia Roy's collage for the article "Nurturing Genius" of Tom Clynes of the Magazine Scientific American Mind Magazine of January-February 2017.

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Sonia Roy / New Trail Magazine / University of Alberta

Sonia continues her collaboration with New Trail magazine by illustrating the article about The current state of how sex education is taught, and how behind the times it is.

Sonia Roy / Best COLLAGE artists from SAMPLE magazine

Sample magazine, which puts forward the best Collage projects worldwide, selected 14 artists of 14 countries for its special Collage Design issue. We are proud that Sonia Roy is one of the members selected.

Sonia Roy / Quebec Science magazine / Montréal

With the imminent approach of the holiday season, it's important to remember that Your brain too needs time-off. An evocative collage of Sonia Roy for this article on the benefits of taking some time for ourselves and to decompress!