Benoit Tardif / The Baffler Magazine

With always as much humor and talent, Benoit Tardif is original with his funny illustrations apprearing in several articles in the The Baffler Magazine for the January 2017 issue.

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Benoit Tardif / Côté Corp. / France

Benoit Tardif illustrated a greeting card for the parisian communication agency Côté Corp.

Benoit Tardif / Talent Economy magazine

In Talent Economy's winter issue, see the story of how Ryan LLC, the tax firm, switched from a long history of demanding in-office hours to a total flexibility on schedules. The magazine worked on making this article one of a kind using Benoit Tardif's illustrations.

Benoit Tardif / Inter & Dinette Magazines

This month, find Benoit Tardif's colorful creations in the Inter magazine, published by the University of Quebec in Montreal, as well as Dinette magazine, which focuses on food and gastronomy in Quebec. Good reading !