Benoit Tardif / The Baffler Magazine

With always as much humor and talent, Benoit Tardif is original with his funny illustrations apprearing in several articles in the The Baffler Magazine for the January 2017 issue.

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Benoit Tardif / Le Chocolat des Français

Benoit Tardif created the "Parisian Santa-Claus" for Le Chocolat des Français' chocolate milk box for Christmas 2017. For those with a little sweet tooth, it's this way.

Benoit Tardif / L'Obs / France

Benoit Tardif invented a series of 10 illustrations for the special folder Investments in OBS magazine.

Benoit Tardif / Editions Fides / Quebec

Here is the cover of Flirtez-vous avec le Burnout parental ? (ENG: Are you flirting with parental Burnout?) book illustrated by Benoit Tardif for Editions Fides.