Katrinn Pelletier / New style and hand drawing technique

For a few months, Katrinn has been working on a new style and exploring new hand drawing techniques. Today, she presents us a part of her novelties and explains them here:

"I missed the contact with the material. I needed to lose control a bit, get caught by a burr, too much water and play with the material. What a pleasure to mix together the different mediums, such as watercolor, colored pencil and graphite directly on fabriano paper and see the reaction of the support... Pure happiness, without counting all the meditative side that there is in this technique. I found the small 5 years old Katrinn.

To begin with, I present a dozen of playful, dreamlike and poetic illustrations. 

Presently in Quebec, and particularly in Quebec city, we're in the middle of winter. The end of year celebrations are behind us. There is a cocooning atmosphere. We feel the need to warm up. I had fun exploring the themes of winter, comfort, the need to wrap ourselves up in big and warm woollen garments. Also, I wanted to juxtapose the nature of Northen Quebec and the North Coast and its conifers. And finally, our brave small birds from Quebec which spend the hard winter with us, which I imagined wrapped with comforting and playful woollen. 

I now dive into a more colorful universe in anticipation of spring which will eventually show up at our door within a few months. I intend to express my passion of gardening and also cooking by beautiful floral, greedy and colorful illustrations. We can see the beginning in the study of Miss Dior perfume and the illustration of the Hummingbird with Hibiscus.

So, I hope that will please you, already my birds had a proud success!"

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Katrinn Pelletier illustrates the wall paper of this month, which is entitled "Birds of Quebec", made with colored pencils and watercolor on fabriano paper! You can now buy and offer for Christmas the work of Katrinn on Etsy.  Discover the rest of her new work in January, and don't hesitate to share and make known Katrinn's work. Version desktop / Version smartphone / Version tablet

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