Don't worry be happy!

Hello 2017, we wish you all a wonderful year of renewal, positive energy and success. At the clinic, lots of new things to come; Keep your eye, perhaps both, open! We look forward to sharing with you what's happening. Here's the newsletter of the return from the winter break, thanks to the artists and clients for the quality of the projects, good reading!

This month: Steve creates an interactive map for a pharmaceutical company, Maison Vignaux makes a TV spot for the Top14 and the National Rugby League, Giordano creates DDB Canada's holiday greeting card, Ross adds a (3D) string to his bow, Katrinn unveils her new style, discover Antonio Uve's interview in our Creative Capsule and many other beautiful collaborations.

Share and download the wallpaper "Jane & BB" by Ëlodie.

- The 44 artists and 4 agents of your Creative Clinic

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It blooms at the clinic!

Spring announces some new air, Colagene Montreal is now at Halte 24/7 Coworking's space, the future Colagene Guide enters inthe operating room and in her big happiness, Marie-Christine Brisson partner of the agency of Montreal and Paris is part of the Jury of the Lux Awards, famous competition in photography and in illustration in Quebec. Down here, enjoy our best cultural, advertising and editorial projects of April!

This month: Les Tontons Makers - new motion design studio - land at the clinic, Emmanuel Polanco signs posters for years 2017-2018 of Theater der Wien, the new opera house in Austria. Jérôme Mireault is the star of our Creative Capsule, Ross 3D illustrates the marijuana as a medical use, Tonwen Jones creates the cover of the Summer issue of FundEd magazine, Dima Godunov reveals us a collaboration made for the Games of Rio 2016 and Andi Meier illustrates famous men in plasticine for the young ones and even more...

- The 45 creators of emotions and 3 agents of your creative clinic.

Les Producteurs de Lait du Québec

The attractive ad campaign of the Producteurs de lait du Québec goes on. This time, it's Oscar Llorens who had the pleasure to participate by creating this colorful Geisha for magazines ads. You can see her among others in the magazine Chatelaine of this month. Thank you to the Lg2 agency, other concepts and illustrations will be revealed to you in the next few weeks.

Colagene celebrates diversity!

The diversity of techniques within the clinic, it's what we present you in this newsletter of March. Paper cut projects, an advertising campaign in Clay, an other one in collage, illustrated or graphic animations... And, naturally, the hand drawing still so efficient and for the pleasure of our eyes! 

This month: Florent Hauchard (illustrateur + animated GIF) and Vincent Raineri (motion designer) are the two new artists from the clinic, Bomboland has two beautiful advertising projects, Tonwen turned totally green thanks to a campaign of Recyc-Québec and travels by illustrating walking maps of London and from India, a new motion designer Vincent Raineri animates the new logo of Unofi, Silke illustrates the astrological sign of Cosmopolitain France which is as well the Wall Paper of this month, in honor of the sign of March, Pisces.

- 45 beauty creators and 4 agents of your creative clinic.