Ëlodie, Parisian illustrator, illustrates the wallpaer of this month " Jane & BB ". This illustration was created for the collections of Ëlodie Paper Goods. All the products are printed in a craft way in Paris in small quantity on papers selected carefully for their quality and fully certified FSC (label: certified forests / Forest Stewardship Council). The new collection is made with sweet warm golden pads, posters and cards and is inspired by Parisian woman: the elegant woman, the gourmet, the muse.

Don't hesitate to share it and to raise awareness on the work of Ëlodie.
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Vitamin C for Creativity!

Here is a newsletter that should "boost" you in vitamin "C" while waiting for the real spring!

This month: do not miss the new artist Amaël Isnard who recently joined the clinic, Joluvian's typography for Coca-Cola, Pablo Pasadas created an illustration for a feature for Paris Worldwide, a superb series of GIFs directed by Florent Hauchard for Dacia, the campaign # donewaiting illustrated by Aurore Danielou ... etc. Also, the Creative Capsule will introduce you to Giordano Poloni.

- The creatives and agents of Colagene, your creative clinic.



This wallpaper of this month is signed by Nazario Graziano and it is entitled Tempo Romentico. Do not hesitate to share it! Desktop version / iPhone version / iPad version

The Colagene experience according to our clients.

Working with Aurore Danielou was a pleasure. Originally, we were looking for an illustration that would be used for the cover of our weekly paper. Unfortunately, as is common in the publishing world, our story was scooped and what was to be the cover, was suddenly relegated to an inside section. Aurore and her team at Colagene were extremely flexible and adjusted to the new constraints on the design extremely quickly. In fact, we had our final illustration way ahead of schedule! I credit that to not just Aurore’s ability but also to the fine folks at Colagene who understood what we needed and helped speed the process along. Everyone was delighted with the final results! 
Jeff Cuyubamba, Art Director, Commercial Observer