Florent Hauchard / Management Special Issue / France

Florent Hauchard created a series of 7 illustrations, including the cover of Management magazine, Le guide du bien-être en entreprise. (The guide of the well-being at work)

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Florent Hauchard / Lab Postal 2018 / Paris

Florent Hauchard created 2 illustrations for the magazine circulated at the Lab Postal 2018 event produced by La Poste.

Florent Hauchard / Dacia / France

Series of GIFs directed by Florent Hauchard for Dacia, in partnership with Parallel Studio.

Florent Hauchard / Neon / France

Illustration of the article À l’école de la cyber armée from NEON magazine, for N°62 issue of February 2018, created by Florent Hauchard