Sonia Roy / Reader's Digest Magazine / Montreal

Sonia Roy did two vintage collage illustrations for the article: Sight Unseen published in the April issue of the Rearder's Digest Magazine. One of the collage illustrations shows a portrait of Helen Keller, a famous American writer who lived deaf-mute and blind. The article is an extract of one of her publication and put the emphasis on the capacity to enjoy the beauty of the world through one of the 5 senses: the sight. The author also wrote what she would do if she was given the ability to see during three days.

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Sonia Roy / The Hollywood Reporter / USA

Sonia Roy was chosen this month for this photo collage in The Hollywood Reporter Magazine. It's an article about the evolution of women in the cinema business thanks to the #metoo movement.

Sonia Roy / We're Acting Out! summer festival / Montreal

The Society for the Celebrations of Montréal’s 375th Anniversary and the LG2 agency appealed to the talent of Sonia Roy to realize the visual of the 2017 campaign of the Montreal festival: We're Acting Out! Le Quartier des Spectacles is currently being invaded by the largest street art groups from Quebec and worldwide.

Sonia Roy / Paris WorldWide / France

Sonia Roy created a series of 7 illustrations for an article on "The masters of numbers" in the magazine of the airports of Paris, Paris WorldWide.